John Long, Law Firm Business Director

John Long is the business director for Hackard Law. John actively participates in estate, trust, and probate litigation cases, as well as business law matters. He holds a Master's in tax law from Golden Gate University.

John LongJohn is the Business & Operations Director of the Law Firm. In this capacity he holds general responsibility for financial planning and controls, personnel administration, IT systems and business processes, and physical facilities and vendor contracts.

The Law Firm Business Director identifies and plans for the changing needs of the organization, shares responsibility with the partners or shareholder-owners for strategic planning, practice management and marketing and client acquisition, while holding firm to the cost-effective management of budgeting throughout the Professional Services Organization.

Employee Recruiting, hiring and training are all aspects of this job.

A law fim like any small business requires careful and astute financial planning and investment in the right practice areas to strengthen and grow the reputation of the firm. John provides management oversign to all these areas for our Firm.

Guidance and input is often shared on client matters, since John holds a Master of Science In Taxation from Golden Gate University.

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