We Find Effective Solutions To Distracting Business Disputes

Hackard Law works to provide clients optimum individualized solutions for business litigation disputes. Sacramento attorney Michael Hackard is a veteran litigator with four decades of experience, and he and his team have successfully represented both small businesses as well as Fortune 400 companies.

Northern California has become a worldwide hub of innovation and development, with some of the most recognized names in technology headquartered in Silicon Valley. But the entrepreneurial spirit isn't limited to Silicon Valley, nor is it only found in high-tech. New businesses in a variety of industries are joining stalwarts throughout the region, including Sacramento, Santa Rosa, Davis, Stockton and Walnut Creek.

Where there is commerce, there are legal disputes. Hackard Law, A Professional Law Corporation, has served the business litigation needs of large and small businesses for nearly 30 years. We provide our business clients the same personalized attention that has earned us a stellar reputation in estate planning and other areas of law.

"A lot of lawyers don't like the stress and chaos of a business meltdown. Mike approaches seemingly out-of-control business problems with an attitude of 'whatever it is, we are going to win — somehow, someway we are going to win.'"
— Lou, a business client

Effective Solutions To Complex Business Disputes

Over the years, we have worked with a diverse roster of companies, from Fortune 400 businesses to small startups. We understand the inherent risks that accompany business litigation and the distractions it causes.

The business world is far too competitive to focus your time and resources over a prolonged period on a dispute. That's why we aim to resolve disputes efficiently through negotiated settlements that ultimately provide us more control over the outcome. When a fair agreement is not on the table, however, attorney Michael A. Hackard and our full team of accomplished litigators always stand ready to advocate for our business clients in court.

We represent business clients in a wide range of business litigation, including:

Our Business Clients Are Family

Many of our business law clients work with us on a continuous basis. We learn their business strategies and understand the competitive environment in which they operate. In effect, we become in-house counsel — a reliable source they can call on with a moment's notice.

We welcome the opportunity to establish a similar relationship with your company or resolve a one-time issue efficiently and cost-effectively. Call 916-229-6991 or use our online contact form to schedule a consultation.

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