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Michael Hackard and his team are highly skilled and experienced civil litigators who know the ins and outs of lawsuits in California. Whether you're dealing with guarantee actions, adversary claims, breach of contract, or fraudulent transfers, Hackard Law is there to represent you and protect your interests.

Civil litigation in California is not often a simple process. According to the Judicial Branch of California, every lawsuit must adhere to various court-specific points of criteria. It begins by knowing if you are permitted to sue. According to legal specifics, you cannot sue unless you have been directly affected by the actions of the entity with which you have a dispute. It's called having sufficient "standing" to file a lawsuit.

Additional California lawsuit requirements include the demand that you:

  • Be a Legal Entity
  • Have the Legal Capacity To File
  • Have Focused the Lawsuit On the Proper Entity
  • And Have Rightly Defined the Distinctions In Each Legal Sub-Set.

Actions on Guarantees - As the housing market remains at a general slowdown, real estate litigation remains high. When dealing with good guy guarantees for obligations accrued until surrender of the premises, the expertise of strong legal representation is needed.

Adversary Claims - At times, creditors may proceed with an "adversary proceeding" which precedes the typical boundaries of bankruptcy court. Don't get caught in this without adequate legal representation.

Breach of Contract - When hit with a breach of contract claim, you need to press forward with as many legal defenses as possible. Likewise, if filing a breach of contract claim, you need a law firm skilled in managing affirmative defense parries. No matter which side of a dispute you are on, Attorney Michael Hackard has the experience to represent your case.

Fraudulent Transfers - It is not necessarily illegal to transfer assets beyond a creditor's reach. For the debtor, factors that suggest fraudulent motives must be removed from the picture. For the creditor, fraudulent motives must be proven.

Hackard Law - An Ethic of Excellence

Attorney Michael Hackard and the Hackard Law Team field extensive experience litigating in federal and state courts. Winning is not merely a matter of cause and effect. Winning involves practical legal experience, up-to-date understanding of current laws and witty but honest application of all the associated legal skills.

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