CA Criminal Procedure

California Criminal Procedure Flowchart FeloniesMisdemeanorsSentencingGuilty or No Contest PleaFound Not GuiltyNot Guilty PleaSentencingFound GuiltyMistrial/Hung Jury (Case can be retried, plea bargained, or...Court TrialJury TrialFelony Disposition/Readiness Conference (i.e., Plea Bargaining)ArraignmentSentencingGuilty or No Contest PleaDefendant Bound Over for Trial (by Stipulation or Hearing)Charges DismissedCharges Reduced to MisdemeanorFelony Disposition/Readiness Conference (i.e., Plea Bargaining)Not Guilty Plea; Preliminary Hearing ConfirmedPreliminary Hearing (a.k.a., Probable Cause Hearing)SentencingFound GuiltyMistrial/Hung Jury (Case can be retried, plea bargained, or...Found Not GuiltyCourt TrialJury TrialSentencingGuilty or No Contest PleaPlea Remains Not GuiltyTrial Setting/Disposition/Readiness Conference (i.e., Plea...SentencingGuilty or No Contest PleaNot Guilty PleaArraignmentArraignmentTrue Bill of Indictment ReturnedNo Indictment ReturnedCase Taken to Grand JuryProsecutor Files a ComplaintCase Rejected; No Charges FilesCase Sent Back for Further InvestigationProsecutor Reviews CaseDefendant ArrestedDefendant Named as Suspect (not Arrested)Police Investigate CrimeCrime Committed