Sacramento Attorneys For Advance Health Care Directives

An advance health care directive designates someone you trust to make decisions regarding life-sustaining steps and other health care measures in the event you become incapacitated. As with wills, many people have definite ideas about what medical procedures they do or do not want implemented should the need arise, but they fail to put them into a legal document. These decisions are best made well ahead of when they are needed.

The attorneys at Hackard Law, A Professional Law Corporation, in Sacramento, build clear, comprehensive health care directives into the estate plans they develop for clients throughout much of Northern California.

Your Wishes Are Expressed In A Living Will

The document in which you make your wishes known about what types of medical treatment you want to receive in certain situations is commonly referred to as a "living will." Failure to create a living will could leave your loved ones in the uncomfortable position of guessing what your wishes are. They may need to go through drawn-out legal procedures to obtain the authority to make a medical decision.

Here again, taking the proper steps to make your wishes known through a living will and designating one individual who can act on your behalf through an advance health care directive is something you do for your loved ones as much as yourself. It is typically done at the same time that you establish durable power of attorney for financial decisions.

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