Our Business Succession Planning Lawyers Reduce Stress And Strengthen Family Businesses

According to the Family Business Institute, only about three in 10 family businesses survive beyond the founder's generation. Just over one in 10 make it to a third generation. At Hackard Law, A Professional Law Corporation, we help family-owned businesses in Sacramento and around Northern California survive and thrive beyond the founder's generation.

The key is to develop a multigenerational business succession plan that addresses critical details such as management succession, leadership development, strategic planning, recession planning, partnership agreements and conflict resolution. Creating a succession plan is the best way to show customers, employees, investors and suppliers that you are committed to the long-term success of your company.

If you plan to divest your interest in a business that you own upon retirement or when you die, it is critical to make your intentions and your dreams for family or key employee successions clear in your estate plan.

Our comprehensive business succession plans are designed to prevent disputes and eliminate uncertainty if an owner dies. We also help prevent problems during estate administration and reduce the likelihood of partnership disputes.

We Care About Family Businesses Because We Are One

We understand the myriad issues family-owned business face because we operate one. Attorney Michael A. Hackard founded his own law firm in 1983. He knows firsthand the love, sweat and tears that are poured into a business. Michael's son Mark is a key member of the team. We hope to serve the community of Greater Sacramento and beyond long after Michael ends his career.

At the same time, every business succession plan is unique to the business itself. We invest ample time learning the intricate details of how your organization operates — existing partnership agreements, employee contracts, compensation procedures, governing board, growth strategies and more.

We invite you to schedule a free consultation with our experienced estate planning lawyers to discuss business succession planning and the steps that you should take now to protect yourself, your loved ones, any partners or investors, and your employees.