Alameda County Estate Attorney

Alameda County Estate Attorney

With cities Oakland and Berkeley taking center stage in Alameda County, this area has become known for its eclectic culture. There's no shortage of events at any time of year thanks to consistently mild weather. First Fridays in Oakland to Off the Grid food trucks and ongoing live music venues - the county of Alameda is a hub of culture and diversity that rings true to the mantra of the Bay Area. With every neighbor a little bit different from the rest, there's always something new to learn. From the many universities and exceptional school systems to the coffee culture and reliable public transportation, it's easy to imagine building a life here.

Where innovation and creativity reign, Alameda County is no stranger to out of the box thinking and visionary mindsets. And when it comes to estate litigation, you need a legal professional who can adapt quickly to manage any situation. At Hackard Law, our attorneys have the experience and preparation that gives clients a qualitative edge. With over four decades of recognized achievement, Northern California Super Lawyer Michael Hackard heads up our Probate, Trust, and Estate Litigation. The complex legal system within probate courts can be difficult to navigate without a seasoned attorney. You need a litigator when simple estate planning falls short and unforeseen circumstances complicate life. The most important thing to remember is that you deserve exceptional service when it comes to protecting you, your loved ones, and your assets.

Our attorneys have worked extensively with the Superior Court of Alameda County on a multitude of probate cases. Estate, trust, and probate cover a wide legal spectrum. Hackard Law regularly represents Alameda County clients in the following areas:

  • Fiduciary Duty Litigation: Administration between the conflicts of interests, self-dealing, beneficiary bias and actions, and also investment malpractice actions.
  • Creditor Claims: Protection against illegitimate claims toward your estate or prosecution against estates for recovery of it.
  • Life Insurance, Jointly Held Assets, 401k and IRA disputes: Assistance concerning ownership fights including life insurance, jointly held assets, 401k and IRA assets.
  • Real Estate Partition Actions: Support when selling an estate that multiple heirs have a share in.
  • Financial Abuse of the Elderly: Prosecution toward those who have seized or withheld the assets of the elderly and their estates.
  • Fraudulent Transfer: Dispute damage of undue influence and stolen property.

The simple truth is that you've worked hard to build your future, and we'll work even harder to protect it. Hackard Law's top mission is safeguarding clients. Using a creative and resourceful lens, we develop forward-thinking strategies focused on securing the most favorable outcome for you. Our attorneys are committed to your protection and success. Hackard Law's attorneys welcome each opportunity to review your litigation needs. Please contact us at:

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