Contra Costa County Estate Attorney

Contra Costa County Estate Attorney

As a community of families, young professionals, and students, Contra Costa County sits in the East Bay. Rolling hills, abundance of parks, and the occasional wandering cow - these let you know that you have entered into the idyllic haven of the Bay Area. While out to grab coffee, you might hear a multitude of languages from Spanish to Mandarin, signaling a diverse culture among its populace. With more outdoor sports enthusiasts and hikers than cars, the low-key atmosphere of Contra Costa attracts a variety of people who contribute to its creative flow.

Even in a neighborly community, sometimes legal disputes can't be avoided. When push comes to shove, Hackard Law provides seasoned attorneys that are here to help with all your probate, trust, and estate litigation needs. With decades of experience protecting clients in and out of the courts, our attorneys work to safeguard your interests and minimize risk. Led by Super Lawyer Mike Hackard, our Probate, Trust, and Estate Litigation Practice group ensures that you are receiving the best service possible- no excuses!

Contra Costa County residents have worked hard to build their future. A drive for success and cooperative work ethic have made this county one of the most successful in the Bay Area. However, when even hard work falls short and extra help is needed, Hackard Law is ready to provide any backup necessary when you're facing challenges to a family estate or trust. Our attorneys employ a flexible, client-tailored approach to protecting assets. Probate, trust, and estate litigation covers a wide spectrum of services. Among them are included:

  • Beneficiary Litigation: Execution and defense of the rights of beneficiaries, trusts, and insurance policies.
  • Financial Abuse of the Elderly: Pursuit of those who have seized or withheld assets of the elderly and their estates.
  • Fraudulent Transfer: Prosecution against the damage of undue influence and stolen property.
  • Power of Attorney Issues: Litigate the illegitimate use of powers of attorney prior to the decedent's passing.
  • Trust Contests: Assertion of these contests including petitions to determine and enforce the rights and obligations of beneficiaries and trustees.
  • Will Contests: Disputing cases that originate from fraud, lack of testamentary capacity, or even undue influence.

With abundant experience regularly representing clients in the Superior Court of Contra Costa, our attorneys are ready to manage the complexities of estate litigation and help with the emotional battles that may come with pursuing a case. The simple truth is that you deserve an experienced attorney who puts your interests first. Just a phone call away, we welcome all opportunities to help any estate, probate, or trust issues. Please contact us at:

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