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Concord has become the largest city in Contra Costa County. With its growing population of families and college students, Concord has become the prime place to escape the escalating prices of neighboring cities such as San Francisco and Walnut Creek. At the foot of picturesque Mount Diablo, Concord has become a blend of tradition and youthful energy with its landscape and surrounding institutions of higher education. Easily accessible by BART, downtown Concord has cultivated a friendly community within the Todos Santos Plaza encompassing coffee, food, and books. Events such as the Fourth of July Parade and the neighborhood farmer's market create a vibrant and innovative atmosphere for its residents.

Concord is a beautiful corner of California, but there can still be unpredictability and legal conflicts that hold you back from the full potential of a peaceful life. Obstacles and system failures are a part of everyday life, but Hackard Law safeguards clients through our estate, trust, and probate litigation services. To help you reach peace of mind, our attorneys manage the estate litigation process so that you, your loved ones, and your assets are protected. The most important thing is that your well-being and family's future are preserved in the face of risk brought on by estate disputes.

While most law firms assign estate and trust litigation to attorneys with little experience inside of a courtroom, Hackard Law understands that you need an attorney who is well-versed in the intricacies of probate court. Litigation concerning estate, trust, and probate law can be legally complex and demanding. Through decades of experience, our litigators understand that there are no excuses when it comes to your safety and the protection of your assets. You work hard for your money and the future you've built for your family. We work just as hard to protect them. The simple truth is that you deserve the peace of mind that Hackard Law brings with our exceptional service in estate, trust and probate litigation:

  • Fiduciary Duty Litigation: Handling of conflicts of interests, self-dealing, beneficiary bias and actions, and also investment malpractice actions.
  • Creditor Claims: Litigation against false claims toward your estate or prosecution against estates for recovery of it.
  • Life Insurance, Jointly Held Assets, 401k and IRA disputes: Administration and advocacy of ownership fights including life insurance, jointly held assets, 401k and IRA assets.
  • Real Estate Partition Actions: Guidance when selling an estate that multiple heirs have a share in.

Under Super Lawyer Michael Hackard's leadership, Hackard Law's number one priority is protecting clients. Our experienced attorneys offer a more efficient, flexible and effective approach to litigation that can help you receive closure as soon as possible. As we work extensively with the Superior Court of Contra Costa, Hackard Law stays on top of any local court rulings that could affect your case. To contact Hackard Law about your own litigation needs, we're just a phone call away. Reach us at:

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