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With a mixture of culture and residents, Moraga blends communities with family oriented values and the traditions of the local university, Saint Mary's College. From its rich history, spanning industrial railroads and social justice brought by the university's principles, Moraga, California has become a gem tucked away in the hills of the Bay Area. It's easy to imagine paradise on Earth hidden in Contra Costa County. Yet, even in this idyllic town, there must be safety measures in place in order to plan for the future. The most important thing to protect is you, your assets, and your loved ones. There is no time like the present to start planning and protecting what you've built all these years. Under the leadership of veteran estate litigator Michael Hackard, Hackard Law provides seasoned attorneys who understand the intricate processes of estate planning or even probate and estate litigation - and they're just a phone call away.

The simple truth is that towns like Moraga are great places to live because of their citizens. The attorneys with Hackard Law understand that estate planning and litigation is more than just a case. Our team is proud of our experience in the areas of probate, trust, and estate law. We are seasoned trial lawyers who understand complex estate litigation. You deserve to have the best taking care of you and your assets- no excuses!

Michael Hackard understands that estate issues - even disputes - can be difficult, and he's ready to engage. There are many tools to utilize when planning out your estate. From wills and trusts to durable powers of attorney and asset protection, each option is carefully evaluated and explained so that the choice is yours to make when making choices about protecting your wealth. Moraga provides a safe environment that creates a greater sense of community. However, life is always changing, even when all you wanted was quiet. To adapt to a developing town and keep yourself secure, estate planning is one of the ways to protect yourself from unpredictable situations. Hackard Law is a recognized leader in the following practice areas:

Probate & Estate Litigation

Trust Beneficiary Litigation

Will & Trust Contests

Elder Financial Abuse Cases

Hackard Law understands that you deserve the simplicity of quiet life away from the fast paced city. However, sometimes things don't go as planned and litigation is needed to deal with situations. With attorneys who specialize in estate and probate law, you can count on representatives with the experience and success to protect you. It is understood that in matters of estate and probate, family is usually involved. This stresses the issues at hand even more. With Hackard Law, we understand that there is a right way and a wrong way to deal with familial disputes. There is an understanding of respect that comes with understanding that our attorneys have your best interests at heart. Moraga is a small town that has brought communities of families, elderly, and students together. While it's not without its hardships, Hackard Law is here for you.

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