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El Dorado HillsWith the delicacies of Napa Valley and the warmth of Apple Hill, El Dorado Hills is Northern California's secret wonderland. Low crime rates and high incomes have made El Dorado Hills not only an  ideal destination, but the ideal place to settle down. However, with economic and business growth, there is more to this community than just its charming amenities of vineyards, lakes, great restaurants and other recreational opportunities. Yet we all know that everyday life is not as idyllic as brochures might convey. When you're facing estate and trust disputes, or even the simple action of drawing up a will, these everyday issues require an experienced attorney. Through Hackard Law, seasoned attorneys are able to protect you, your wealth, and your loved ones with the respect and consideration you deserve.

There is always a right time to start planning your estate, whether it's wills, trusts, or asset protection. It's an effective way to prevent mayhem within your life and guarantee safety. Estate planning encompasses multiple paths to security so that you can protect your assets and wealth. With legal jargon and considerable choices, it is hard to comprehend which plan best fits your needs. Led by 40-year veteran litigator Michael Hackard, Hackard Law's trusted attorneys will go through the planning process with you to make sure they understand each concern and aspect to ensure that the right tools are used to help you both inside and outside El Dorado County's court system. The simple truth is that you deserve peace of mind with the changes occurring in your life and your community. Enjoy the peaceful living El Dorado Hills has to offer by planning your estate and protecting your assets through the guidance of Hackard Law's attorneys.

El Dorado Hills is a family town with a vibrant culture and active lifestyle. Unfortunately with all families, sometimes there are disputes over estates or inherited property. It helps during these fights to have someone in your corner. Hackard Law's Probate, Trust, and Estate Litigation Practice group will make sure that you get the help you deserve because everyone has a right to feel protected. Litigation is a legally complex process that can be emotionally and mentally draining. Probate, trusts, and estates are often marked by loss and pain within the family or parties affected. Our attorneys understand that it's not paper and trials that make up a case, but people with dignity.

While everyone has a right to an attorney, Hackard Law takes this a step further by offering attorneys with experience and compassion to help you receive closure in the challenges you face. The most important thing is your safety and the protection of the life you live in El Dorado Hills. Through careful estate planning and the a record of success in probate and estate litigation, Hackard Law gives you the legal security that you deserve. The simple truth is that we dedicated to clients. If you have an estate issue you'd like addressed, contact Hackard Law today - we're just a phone call away.

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