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FolsomThe city of Folsom, CA has always been brimming with a wealth of history, entrepreneurship and natural beauty. Often considered second in comparison to the metropolitan city of Sacramento, Folsom has become a forward-looking and high tech town with accomplished businesses and firms leading the way. Anyone will concede that Folsom is no longer playing second to Sacramento, from a high quality of life and celebration of the arts to good schools. With the crystal-clear American river feeding into Folsom Lake and fond memories of Johnny Cash singing the Folsom Prison Blues, Folsom is proud of its local identity. Residents range from young families to active retirees, all benefiting from a city that is known as one of the best places to raise a family in California.

Within any family, there comes a need to protect those you love and the lifestyle you live. As you grow old, accidents happen and losses occur. Hackard Law specializes in making sure that you stay protected as the years go on. No one can see into the future, but with certain legal measures, you can make sure that you will be able to adapt to issues that come into your life. Without safeguards keeping people and institutions accountable, life can become awfully stressful, even in a great place like Folsom.

To plan for any obstacle that comes your way, Hackard Law provides you control over your own life with estate planning services that allow you to decide the best path for you. It's your wealth, and it's your decision to make. Our accomplished attorneys, led by Super Lawyer Michael Hackard, use their decades of experience to ensure each of your concerns are thoroughly analyzed and explained. There is full scope of services provided for your estate planning needs, especially our estate, probate & trust litigation practice. Our attorneys handle cases that include a variety of tools to choose from:

  • Wills: These are the foundations of a comprehensive estate plan that protects your loved ones and ensures that your assets are distributed according to your wishes. Hackard Law is ready to protect client interests in will contests , as well.
  • Trusts: While most clients don't have the intention of creating a trust, these are often made when certain goals such as protecting assets from creditors become apparent. Under Michael Hackard's leadership, we also maintain an extensive trust litigation practice.
  • Advance Health Care Directives: This tool designates someone you choose to make decisions on life-sustaining steps and other healthcare issues if circumstances take a turn where you can no long decide.
  • Durable Powers of Attorney: This is similar to an advance health care directive except that it designates a trusted individual to make financial decisions instead of health care.
  • Business Succession Planning : This plan applies to local businesses in Folsom or elsewhere - our attorneys address management succession, leadership development, strategic planning, recession planning, partnership agreements, and conflict resolution.
  • Asset Protection: Our attorneys use their estate planning skills to help high net-worth clients safeguard personal wealth from creditors, lawsuits, professional malpractice claims, business bankruptcy, foreclosure deficiencies, relatives and other potential threats.

The most important thing for most who live in Folsom is that their family protected in the face of change. You deserve to have your estate planned - and if necessary defended - by attorneys with years of experience who approach your concerns with determination and respect. At Hackard Law, the right strategy is tailored to your unique situation so that each concern is addressed by the time you reach closure.

Hackard Law is just fifteen minutes from Folsom and only a phone call away - our attorneys welcome each opportunity to review your estate planning and litigation needs. We can be reached at:

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