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CastroOnce upon a time the Castro District began as Eureka Valley, settled by European homesteaders looking for cheap land to stake out their American dream. From the time of the sixties and seventies, the Castro became an area that continues to dominate and influence San Francisco culture today. The reputable Castro Theater displays the blending of Moorish and art-deco architecture, adding value to the offbeat aesthetic of the Castro District. With the Castro District's history and current climate, there is never a dull moment. It is hard to imagine San Francisco without this integral neighborhood, with landmarks like Dolores Park and Milk Plaza. The Castro District rose out of past political turmoil to become the epicenter of San Francisco life.

Yet because life is unpredictable, it is always a good idea to protect your assets and loved ones. Even if you live in a communal and friendly atmosphere, preparation and safety measures help ensure a secure and protected future. Led by award-winning legal veteran Michael Hackard, Hackard Law's seasoned attorneys have decades of experience working with estate, trust, and probate in Northern California to help you receive the protection and assistance you deserve. There are always complex issues that arise in life and may alter and disrupt your plans. The simple truth is that you need someone on your side to help you through all the intricacies of the legal system. Hackard Law can help you build the right foundation as a safeguard against any system failures you might encounter.

Sometimes probate issues go beyond administrative resolution and require litigation. Hackard Law's Probate, Trust, Estate Litigation Practice group has decades of experience and success to protect your assets with no excuses along the way. With a multitude of cases successfully represented over decades, our attorneys are innovative at adapting to any situation, matching the Castro's aptitude for creativity. Some of these cases include:

  • Trust Beneficiary Litigation: Management and protection of the rights of beneficiaries, trusts, and insurance policies.
  • Financial Abuse of the Elderly: Vindication against those who have taken or retained the assets of the elderly and their estates.
  • Fraudulent Transfer: Litigation of the impairment concerning undue influence and seized property.
  • Power of Attorney Issues: Attest the unauthorized use of powers of attorney before the decedent's passing.
  • Will Contests: Prosecute cases with fraud, lack of testamentary capacity, or even undue influence.

Hackard Law has been a formidable presence in Northern California for years, and we're proud of our reputation for excellence. With the understanding that there is a right way and a wrong way to approach the case, we make sure you're protected and prepared for uncertainty. Drawing upon deep experience dealing with disputed probate, trust and estate litigation our attorneys stay up-to-date on laws that can affect your case. Our attorneys welcome each and every opportunity to review your litigation needs. Just a phone call away, we can be reached at:

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