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DiamondIn the sprawling city of San Francisco, Diamond Heights has become a pleasant anomaly within the fast paced lifestyle of the surrounding city. As the last major area of San Francisco to be developed, the urban planning for Diamond Heights turned this neighborhood into a quiet sanctuary with the benefits of both suburb and city. With its architecture and planning as only some of its selling points, Diamond Heights boasts reliable transportation, pristine parks and playgrounds and a shopping center. With the feeling of safety coming from the nearby Police Academy and Fire Department, Diamond Heights allows for all of its residents to feel protected in their neighborhood. However even in Diamond Heights, you need to plan for your future. With Hackard Law, you can start the foundation of your estate so that you and your loved ones can truly be secure.

Even in this quiet neighborhood, life happens, and estate disputes do occur - we've all been there. Under lead attorney Michael Hackard's veteran guidance, Hackard Law offers experienced attorneys to beneficiaries deal with the complication arising from disputed estates.

Even in a calm neighborhood like Diamond Heights, life in San Francisco is unpredictable, and that includes arguments over trusts or a parent's inheritance. Sometimes planning isn't enough, and you need an experienced estate litigation lawyer. Hackard Law creates a partnership between you and seasoned trial lawyers who understand the pressures and stresses that come from any case, especially one deriving from probate or estate issues. As in any California neighborhood, the most important thing in Diamond Heights should the preservation of family and neighborly values. With Hackard Law, the attorneys on our estate litigation team understand the difficulties and tragedies that families have to endure. You're more than just a client or a case - you're a human being with dignity and deserve to be treated that way. Hackard Law represents clients throughout Northern California, and fields tremendous experience conducting complex estate, trust & probate litigation cases in San Francisco Superior Court.

Diamond Heights is a quiet island with its own special identity, just like every family there. If you remember one thing, remember that at Hackard Law we not only build relationships one case at a time, but our number one priority is protecting clients. Our attorneys welcome each opportunity to review your issues related to a disputed estate. We are just a phone call away:

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