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Estate Law in Pacific Heights

Pacific Heights embodies Hollywood's cinematic version of San Francisco. More than just offering a picturesque overlook of the Bay Area, this district of the city boasts Victorian mansions and views of both the Golden Gate and the Bay Bridge. While talk of pricey real estate might convey an air of prestige and privilege, the neighborhoods within Pacific Heights are filled with residents living quiet lives and grateful for the surrounding scenery. From the historic hotspot of Haas-Lilienthal House to the secret local steps at Broadway and Lyon, Pacific Heights inspires romantics everywhere with the American dream of San Francisco. Just as Fillmore Street inspires bustling business activity, Pacific Heights has its own ecosystem within the eclectic city.

Pacific Heights has always been iconic in its illustrious legacy, and it makes the families who live there proud. However, to preserve this legacy, sometimes legal support is necessary. Hackard Law is a Northern California leader in estate, probate, and trust law litigation. Our attorneys are seasoned veterans of estate & trust law practice who have decades of experience and success to support your concerns and issues. In an idyllic place such as Pacific Heights, it can be hard to imagine any obstacles or losses that would prevent the safety of your estate. However, since "life happens" and so do system failures, your safest bet is to set up safeguards.

When estate planning awry and you need an active response, Hackard Law provides exceptional estate, trust, and probate litigation services. Through our Probate, Trust, and Estate Litigation Practice group, you get the veteran estate litigation attorneys you deserve. With experience handling major contested matters in multiple jurisdictions, Hackard Law's attorneys can help you believe in a better future. Just some of the options that past clients have needed are:

  • Beneficiary Litigation: Management and defense of the rights of beneficiaries, trusts, and insurance policies.
  • Financial Abuse of the Elderly: Prosecution of those who have seized or withheld the assets of the elderly and their estates.
  • Fraudulent Transfer: Litigation against the damage of undue influence and stolen property.
  • Life Insurance, Jointly Held Assets, 401K and IRA disputes: Administration of ownership fights including life insurance, jointly held assets, 401K and IRA assets.
  • Real Estate Partition Actions: Support selling an estate that multiple heirs have a share in.

In a city as progressive as San Francisco, nothing stays quiet for long. Even in Pacific Heights, where neighbors value peaceful living overall, big-city mayhem and unpredictability can unfortunately appear from right around the corner. With Hackard Law, we have attorneys who understand that you have a right to an experienced attorney with a reputation for excellence. We regularly engage trust and probate litigation matters in the Superior Court of San Francisco, and protecting our clients is priority number one. If you would like to contact Hackard Law about your own litigation needs, you can reach us at:

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