San Francisco Presidio Estate Attorney

PresidioIn a city as urban as San Francisco, escapes to nature are usually isolated to neighborhood parks, crowded beaches, or day getaways in bordering areas. Yet in Presidio, with an abundance of wooded areas, clean beaches, and scenic views of the Golden Gate Bridge, no one would ever assume that this neighborhood was part of a crowded city. Once a longtime military base, the Presidio has now evolved into a neighborhood that the rest of the city has come to envy. From luxury apartments converted from the U.S. Marine Hospital and stately Colonial Revivals to more affordable housing near Baker Beach, the Presidio houses a mixed bag of residents who all enjoy living alongside forests of cypress, pine, and eucalyptus.

The calm and peace that comes with living inside the Presidio makes up for any sense of "missing out" on the rest of San Francisco. While others enjoy the bustle of a fast-paced lifestyle, those who live in the Presidio know the value of living a peaceful life. To preserve and protect this lifestyle, Hackard Law, founded by Northern California Super Lawyer Michael Hackard, is ready to make sure you protected and prepared in matters of estate, trust, and probate litigation. As tough advocates for clients in estate battles, we are here to assist in safeguarding your assets so that you and your loved ones are ready in case of system failures and personal losses.

While we understand that many people have arranged for wills or trusts, most are not ready for the mayhem that may occur when litigation is involved. Hackard Law's Probate, Trust, and Estate Litigation Practice group are not only recognized for their experience and success, but as attorneys focused on personal attention to each client's needs during this difficult time. The simple truth is that you have a right to an estate attorney who not only understands the case, but cares about their client as well. The Hackard Law litigation team covers a variety of issues that you might need assistance with, including:

  • Trust Beneficiary Litigation: Assistance and defense of the rights of beneficiaries, trusts, and insurance policies.
  • Financial Abuse of the Elderly: Pursuance against those who have taken or retained the assets of the elderly and their estates.
  • Creditor Claims: Defense against dishonest claims toward your estate or prosecution against estates for recovery of it.
  • Life Insurance, Jointly Held Assets, 401k and IRA disputes: Administration of ownership fights including life insurance, jointly held assets, 401k and IRA assets.
  • Real Estate Partition Actions: Help selling an estate that multiple heirs have a share in.

The most important thing is safeguarding your family, your future and the assets you've worked hard to earn. Hackard Law is composed of forward-thinking attorneys whose experience is just the beginning when it comes to the exceptional skills offered. Serving clients regularly in the Superior Court of San Francisco, our attorneys stay on top of any new probate and estate-related rulings and statutes within the city. Hackard Law welcomes each opportunity to review your litigation needs. Just a phone call away from the Presidio, we can be reached at:

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