Lodi Estate Attorney

Lodi Estate Attorney

Lodi isn't just the birthplace of A&W Root Beer - it has become a destination for every kind of visitor looking to explore Northern California. While this city does more than boast its origins for Roy Allen's Root Beer Company, Lodi has also become synonymous with wine country. Just about surpassing Napa Valley in its popularity, Lodi is becoming one of the top wine country destinations to visit in Northern California. From idyllic vineyards to bustling farmer's markets, the classic culture of Lodi inspires everyone to imagine the scenic life. With an assortment of activities and events, this classic California Central Valley town seems to be one of the best places to settle down in.

Unfortunately, the simple truth is that life sometimes gets more complicated than just farmer's markets and wine tastings. It is your right and your duty to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your assets from unpredictability, even in the serene city of Lodi. You deserve legal protection when life serves you with system failures and unexpected events. With estate planning from Hackard Law, a strong foundation can be created to make sure your dream of current and future security is preserved. Through basic wills and trusts to durable power of attorney and asset protection, Hackard Law provides experienced attorneys that help you find the plan you deserve. When each aspect of your concerns are addressed and considered by our attorneys, you know that you are choosing the option that is best for you.

Sometimes when planning is not enough, litigation will come into play. In tough circumstances, having an experienced attorney on your side is even more important. While many law firms assign attorneys who have limited or no experience in handling these major matters, 40-year veteran litigator and Super Lawyer Michael Hackard is proud to lead a team of seasoned attorneys to represent individuals and businesses in need. With Hackard Law on your side, you can feel protected at critical junctures. Hackard Law provides a fighting chance and credibility in court to allow for the closure you need. Our Probate, Trust, Estate and Litigation Practice group represent clients on multiple issues, including these claims:

  • Beneficiary Litigation: We help protect the rights of beneficiaries of estates, trusts, and insurance policies.
  • Financial Abuse of the Elderly: We prosecute those who have taken or hid the assets of the elderly and their estates in civil court.
  • Fraudulent Transfer: We prosecute those who have perpetrated undue influence and taken property in civil court.
  • Power of Attorney Issues: Our attorneys will help those who have been affected by the wrongful use of powers of attorney prior to the decedent's death.
  • Trust Contests: Hackard Law will prosecute and defend these contests as they often include petitions to determine and enforce the rights and obligations of beneficiaries and trustees.
  • Will Contests: Our attorneys prosecute these disputes as they often result from fraud, lack of testamentary capacity, or even undue influence.

Hackard Law understands the need to safeguard your estate property and your family heritage within the scenic city of Lodi. We have extensive experienced working in the San Joaquin County Superior Court system on estate, trust & probate litigation cases. Through our attorneys, you can take the right steps to ensure your assets - and your family's future - are protected. You have a right to feel peace of mind, and Hackard Law is there to help make that happen. Let's get to work. Our attorneys welcome each opportunity to review your estate planning needs. We can be reached at:

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