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With a rich history, Sonoma County has had its hand in grape-growing and wine cultivation as early as 1821. This early start in viniculture firmly established Sonoma County's reputation for wine tastings and romantic getaways. Sonoma County is home to boundless vineyards, coastal views, and a welcoming community. Rising businesses parallel this county's low-key, small-town vibe as Sonoma prospers without the urban negatives. The cultural stimulation of wine country allows for the creation of one of the most visited places in the Bay Area.

In this picturesque area of the Bay, peace and tranquility are commonplace. Yet when systems fail and planning falls through, you want a battle-tested attorney who will give you a fighting chance at success. Hackard Law provides decades of experience and a record of success, with Super Lawyer Michael Hackard leading the way. When it comes to probate, estate, and trust litigation, making sure you have an experienced attorney managing your case is crucial to securing a favorable outcome. The simple truth is that you deserve peace of mind and protection from choosing the right estate lawyer. Hackard Law brings a flexible, effective approach to meet your estate, trust, and probate litigation needs.

Paralleling the history of Sonoma's viticulture, Hackard Law has represented Sonoma County clients for years. We know how hard you've worked to create your future, and we'll work even harder to keep it safe. When original family estate plans fall through, our lawyers offer extensive litigation and prosecution services to help you get closure and recovery. Some of the cases that we represent include:

  • Beneficiary Litigation: Support and protection of the rights of beneficiaries, trusts, and insurance policies.
  • Financial Abuse of the Elderly: Prosecution of those who have seized or withheld the assets of the elderly and their estates.
  • Fraudulent Transfer: Proceed against the infliction of undue influence and appropriated property.
  • Power of Attorney Issues: Assistance for those who have been affected by the illicit use of powers of attorney prior to the decedent's passing.
  • Trust Contests: Litigation and defense of these contests including petitions to determine and enforce the rights and obligations of beneficiaries and trustees.
  • Will Contests: Prosecution of fraud, lack of testamentary capacity, or even undue influence.

Hackard Law attorneys make it their top priority to protect clients and hold wrongdoers accountable in trust and estate litigation actions. You have a right to an experienced, knowledgable attorney who puts your interests first. Regularly representing clients in both probate and civil proceedings in the Superior Court of Sonoma County, we'll get to work to ensure your assets are secure. Hackard Law is here to handle your litigation needs. We welcome all opportunities to review your estate, probate, or trust issues. Please contact us at:

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