Academic Scholarship

Hackard Law Video Scholarship

The Hackard Law 2019 Academic Scholarship is a $2,500 prize awarded to college and university students in the United States for awareness of elder issues in estate law.

Trust & estate litigation attorney Michael Hackard of Hackard Law, a Northern California law firm, is devoted to protecting the interests of the elderly and their families in estate, trust and probate law. As a veteran lawyer, Michael Hackard is also devoted to raising awareness of risks to our communities such as elder abuse, undue influence and estate fraud, writing on these topics extensively for the benefit of the public.

Promoting education on elder issues goes hand-in-hand with renewed respect for our elders. With that goal in mind, Hackard Law is honored to provide a one-time, non-renewable scholarship of $2,500 to one college student who wins the Hackard Law 2019 Scholarship Essay Contest.

Conditions of Eligibility

To be eligible for the scholarship, applicants must be:

• A United States citizen.

• 18 years of age or older at the time the scholarship is awarded.

• Enrolled as a student in a United States college or university at the time the scholarship is awarded.

• In good academic standing with their higher educational institution.

Video Topic

To have a chance at being awarded with the Hackard Law 2019 Scholarship, students must produce a short video on the following theme:

How I Will Improve the Lives of the Elderly

Video Guidelines

The video should be no more than three minutes in length. It should be posted to either YouTube or Vimeo. Please make your submission electronically via email with the URL link included.

Any videos produced or edited by a professional videographer or production company are strictly prohibited.

When you submit your video to Hackard Law, you are granting all copyright ownership of this video to Hackard Law, as well as permission to post your video (or excerpts thereof) on Hackard Law's website with your name and that of your school, and permission to post your video (or excerpts thereof) on all Hackard Law social media platforms and any firm marketing materials. Hackard Law may publish all finalists' videos (or excerpts thereof), their names and those of their schools.

Submission Guidelines

Please submit the following materials and information to Hackard Law:

  • Your video (with URL link provided);
  • Your name and contact information (address and phone number);
  • Proof of age and US citizenship (copy of birth certificate, driver's license, or passport);
  • Proof you are enrolled in a United States college or university (from the office of your school registrar).

Hackard Law will not share your information with anyone with the exception of your name and that of your school if we post your video (or excerpts thereof) on our site or social media platforms.

No fees to submit the scholarship application are required, nor do applicants have to submit their Social Security Number. The scholarship winner will be asked to send a photo to be posted Hackard Law's website. Please submit your application to: [email protected]

Submission Deadline and Payment of Scholarship

The deadline to submit your application is Tuesday, August 15 th, 2019.

The winner of the Hackard Law 2019 Scholarship will be announced, with payment issued, on or before Friday, September 21 th, 2019.

A one-time, non-renewable scholarship in the amount of $2,500 will be awarded to the winning applicant. Good luck!

Please see our past winners, here:

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