Business Law & Contract Law Attorneys

Hackard Law is at the top of the game for business law in Sacramento and the Northern California area. We represent clients for matters ranging from business partnerships, LLCs, corporations, and sale of business to bankruptcy and debt, contract law, and more.

In business there's no substitute for experience, professionalism and integrity. Attorney Michael Hackard upholds these key values in representing his clients. Companies from startup ventures to established family enterprises with deep roots have all benefited from Hackard Law's expert knowledge of business and contract law in California.

Individualized Contract Law Solutions

Any business at the top of its game needs a law firm of the same caliber. Hackard Law is at the top of the game. Working with both large-scale and small businesses since 1976, Attorney Michael Hackard is experienced in developing effective and creative solutions to the legal issues of business owners.

Our understanding of the complexities of business and contract law ensure that your company receives expert legal advice and services. Our experience allows us to work competently in all areas of business and contract law including bankruptcy and debt, business partnerships, corporations, LLCs, breach of contract, sale of business, and more.

Business Contract Lawyers in California

Hackard Law provides a wide range of services to our clients including business formation and startup, transfers, dissolution, divisions, and regulatory issues.

Bankruptcy and Debt

All businesses must take out loans to be profitable, and at times, these debts can exceed the entrepreneurs' ability to repay. When this occurs, Hackard Law offers clients the experience they need to navigate this process and mount an expert defense against lender litigation. If bankruptcy is necessary for a business, we help our clients to maximize the protection of their assets.

Business Partnerships

Many successful businesses need the skills and creativity of two or more people to get off the ground. At Hackard Law, we help our clients to ensure that their partnerships are legally situated in a manner that safeguards the efforts of every person in the partnership. If necessary, we also help our clients to dissolve their partnerships.


Whether you are forming a corporation, dissolving one, or writing new contracts for your shareholders, directors, creditors, or employees, we have the skills that you need to move forward.


A Limited Liability Company allows you to limit your risk when starting or running a company. To ensure that our clients are not held personally liable for any of their business losses, Hackard Law provides professional legal assistance in the drafting of an LLC. We will also handle any legal issues clients may face while operating an LLC.


Hackard Law provides a wide breadth of experience to clients who are facing contractual issues. Whether a client is drafting or signing a contract, we ensure that all necessary legal protections and assurances are in place. We also work with breach of contract issues and sales of businesses as well.

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