The Wolf Was at the Door

The Wolf Was At The Door

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The Wolf Was At The Door

Attorney Michael Hackard has been representing trust beneficiaries for over 45 years. Those years of experience allowed Michael to write a book on the subject, The Wolf at the Door, that discusses how you can stop elder financial abuse and take legal steps to right the wrong. Michael Hackard was spurred into this field from his own personal interactions. Over thirty years ago, his great-aunt was found to be a victim of elder abuse from a hired caregiver. The caregiver cut off all forms of contact when Michael’s great aunt passed and then hijacked her estate. At the time, Michael felt powerless – but then he resolved to fight for abused beneficiaries. We know many of our clients feel the same way today. We’ve been through the same process and know through first-hand experience many of the answers to the questions you’re seeking. If you suspect your loved one suffered from elder financial abuse, we can help discover the truth. Once you contact us and we discuss your situation, we will investigate:
  • Who was responsible for the abuse;
  • What they stole from you or your loved one and how they did it;
  • What legal measures are necessary to assess and redress damages from elder financial abuse.
We know this entire process can place a strain on family relationships, especially if the actions of family members are called into question. Above all, we want to respect the choices made by the original creator of the estate, but we also want to ensure that those choices were not made under duress. It’s a fine line to navigate family ties that we’ve walked many times before. Contact Hackard Law at (916) 313-3030 to learn how we can set things right for you and your loved ones. We know that it’s the only true way to put power back in your hands.  

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