When It Comes to Trust Litigation, Experience the Hackard Law Difference

When It Comes to Trust Litigation, Experience the Hackard Law Difference

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Anatomy of Trust Litigation

At Hackard Law we’ve represented trust beneficiaries for over four decades. Our team works to uncover if any wrongdoing has taken place that would interfere with the validity of the trust for all parties involved. Along with experience, we have the tools at our disposal to navigate and resolve complex trust disputes on behalf of our clients. Finally, even though most cases end with a private mediation, we are not afraid to take any of our cases to trial. We prepare each case as if they’re going to court – including a mock trial process to give our team strategic insights. A mock trial allows both sides of the case to be presented, including evidence and arguments. A panel then delivers a potential verdict, and the panel can even ask questions. This process allows our firm to fine tune our strategy, especially when we know what questions a potential jury could have about the case at hand. This process allows our team to answer them and strengthen our client’s case. Tools like a mock trial help us to create the best possible resolution for our clients. Another advantage for trust beneficiaries is that Hackard Law can represent cases on a contingency fee basis. This means that our firm is only paid if you receive a successful outcome to your case. This is unique compared to other estate litigation firms in California, who typically work on a fee basis outlined once they accept your case. You can trust that we handle every case to protect client interests, and we will be here to guide and support you every step of the way. Know that your case is in our experienced and compassionate care. Contact Hackard Law at (916) 313-3030 to learn how we can set things right for you and your loved ones.  

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