Two Case Studies Exemplify the Need for a Trust Litigator like Hackard Law

Two Case Studies Exemplify the Need for a Trust Litigator like Hackard Law

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Case Studies Exemplify the Need for a Trust Litigator

In the first video, we hear from Brian. Brian’s father’s trust was called into question when it was first created while his father was undergoing chemotherapy for brain cancer. Another family member was present when his father created the trust, leaving Brian to find out later that he had not been included as a beneficiary. The timing of the formation of the trust and Brian’s exclusion, lead him to Hackard Law to determine the validity of the trust. Our firm found many suspicious factors at play, including:
  • Chemotherapy can alter cognitive abilities
  • The trust was not created under the advice of an attorney
  • A verbal expression from Brian’s father to amend the trust.
Our firm was able to obtain a settlement from mediation for Brian due to the facts above. We’ve seen many trust beneficiary cases with similar facts to Brian’s case. If you’re currently experiencing a situation like this, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. In the second video, we talk with Sandra. Sandra was accused of wielding undue influence on her aunt after she moved to California to be a full-time caregiver, just before the Covid-19 Pandemic occurred. Throughout the pandemic, Sandra was accused of isolating her aunt, even when social distancing was promoted by the government. Sandra chose Hackard Law specifically because we use a contingency fee to cover our services. This gave Sandra the peace of mind to not worry about the financial stress that fighting these claims could cause, but also the trust to know that our team was working diligently to prove her case. With over 45 years of experience working on trust and estate litigation, our firm has the knowledge to handle any scenario you are currently facing. Let Hackard Law guide you by calling (916) 313-3030.  

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